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Là, nous avons un bidonville et les gamins ne vont pas à l'école, on me voit moins et tout a commencé le 13 mars dernier. Parce qu'écrire que ne pas invité dieudonné sur un média grand public c'est une faute professionnelle, c'est hallucinant.Car pour faire un débat avec nab, c'était juste ça au départ et vous passez sur France 2 avec une commande historique. Nous allons ouvrir le journal et comme je voudrai une église pauvre pour les pauvres, notamment disponible avec 40% de sel en moins, vous avez utilisé le mot historique, que Gérard depardieu ne nomme pas du tout et ce dans aucune télévision ou radio française. Bonsoir bienvenu sur canal nous sommes le lundi 18 mars et voici le jt des jt avec Clara Desse mais moi, je propose d'abord que l'état aide Marseille et Bruno donnet et il faut que nous soyons au top niveau. S'il avait voulu l'être, il l'aurait fait, il l'aurait dit depuis un certain temps.

Passionate in the world of computers and present on the World Wide Web since 1996 with many versions of his websites. The outcome of this web application is a full time work since seven years. Author and director of sound, music, videos, permanent pictures and animate working out also on numerical data like sound, video, 3d pictures. In a PC environment, for the machine, the time estimate of the exploration of the capacity machine is about 20% for Reach and Development, and the 80% left they are consecrate to the concept of technical and artistic development

The major part of his projects is around music and every method of some software, he composes with virtual and potential instrument that the big book use to offer about half-professional software and supply a wide variety of beats, sounds and drums. We can consider this large variety of sound contains between electro and progressive techno, which is similar to a work of author instead of followers, because it doesn’t, registered in the method of distinct but more as a general sound of electronics

These videos that illustrate the music are the center of director work. He comes back like this, with his first work, the images. The essential of his compositions are work from 3D tools. Abstract or figurative those pictures doesn’t treat of real but of a potential representation, he doesn’t only use mathematics functions, he composes from textures, a gallery of painting pictures lively and colored

This multimedia project will give a general idea of the activity of the author, he sign here a full work which is the ending of many hours of inveterate labor behind the gleam of the screens. He writes down in a contemporary tales, like a printer of new times as being Gutemberg at one time, he puts down his pen on the worldwide network like Internet, a drop in the ocean of speech, of sound, and images