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Who I am, what I do
I am born near Paris (France) in 1966 after been study audiovisuals and cinema in 1990, I discover Multimedia since this time, I created a lot of element for Internet and it's a job of all instant actually On this website you will find images, sounds and videos, as to illustrate my music or work for other people. These videos come from my own pc and from my wildest virtual imagination.

At the source, I"m not a musician or a graphic artist however since my young age have always listenning music and was inspired into the culture of animated images with a worry of demanding. I only hold what seem to me the more original and interesting. Kxtof, Jed, ScritchBob, Slagun, at the beginning of the ninetees with my first pc I worked and composed at feelling in order to express with standback what I think is, the mainthing to transmet, otherwise, there's not always a message in this music, witch is at the end an addition of large combinations and complex limits. But all of this is before a hobby with passionated choices and relatively cheap. Because Internet is only a large terrain of developement, it's why, art is where we can found it, and if you have the answer you gonna laugh
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